Face-to-face Participation in ESV 2022

The fee is covering the period from the morning of September 26 to the afternoon of October 2 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, and includes the meals*, accommodation**, local transport, and official activities.

* The meals will be provided from lunch on September 26 till breakfast on October 2.
** The organizers keep the possibility to board you with a participant from another delegation taking care of your gender and age.

Face-to-face participation fees

They are to be paid prior to the event and are not refundable after the 15th of September.

MILSET member list is available on the MILSET website.

The transfer costs to Almaty, Kazakhstan is at your charge.

Virtual Participation

Virtual Participation Fees


The allowed ratio of supervisors (including heads of delegation) is calculated as follows:

  • Up to 1 extra supervisor for each group of 4 participants
  • 1 head of delegation if the delegation is at least 3 participants

A maximum of 10 participants per organization.

Please note, that extra supervisors or persons not registered on arrival will be considered visitors and will be responsible for their stay. They will have access to the expo during public hours and will not have access to any other activities.